Anand Enterprise - Spraycel range of Products include standard film coating as well as functional coating which comprises of Enteric coating, Moisture barrier coating, Flavored coating. We also provide solutions like Sustained Release Premixes for many formulations which ease in the manufacturing of the Sustain Release Products giving consistent output. We are heavily focused on ensuring our clients shift to Aqueous Film coating instead of traditional organic coatings and avoid use of Hazardous Solvents thereby ensuring safety of our clients and environment respectively. These Readymix Formulations cater to all coating needs from Pharmaceutical, Herbal , Nutraceutical & Food industry.

Benefits of Using Spraycel range of products

  • Spraycel Formulations are made custom suited to product with 100 percent assurance of Color consistency. Every Sample or commercial consignment is submitted along with COA, How to use, and suggested coating parameters for even a new comer to start taking trials without any hassles.
  • Spraycel Formulations are equipment friendly be it Auto coaters or Conventional coating pans.
  • Quality is a matter of trust and Spraycel maintains it. We ensure healthy relationship and bond with our clients ensuring win-win situation for both.


Research & Development

Spraycel is in process of developing fast coating formulations whereby coating time is reduced by 70percent from the existing period taken for coating a particular batch that too with Aqueous Media. Formulation has already been developed, trials have already been conducted satisfactorily and all products have been kept on stability and within this year product will soon be launched. The Brand Name is already registered and superfast coating formulation would be named as EXPRESSCOAT. We are committed to create a huge impact with the help of new formulation in short span of time.

Apart from this any customer who has issues with formulations ,we move a step forward and provide them with solutions from experts associated to the Pharma Industry over a period of 40 years and who have worked with all MNCs and Big Domestic Pharma companies in field of Research and Development.